These High-Vibe Essentials Can Make Any Flight Downright Magical

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As a gal who’s obsessed with all things spirituality and adventure, I’ve given pretty much every conscious travel essential you could imagine a trial run. From “Will the security gates beep if I have a crystal in my underwear?” to “What sort of essential oil routine is kind to my plane neighbor?” I’ve asked the hard questions in search of a top-notch conscious travel routine.

Here are some of my top tips for travel-friendly lotions, potions, and remedies to ensure you keep your energy and emotions in check on your next journey…
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Emma Mildon + The Balanced Blonde


Jordan and Emma Mildon, Spiritual Author & Modern Mystic, make new age spirituality (crystals, spirit animals, meditation, auras, and intuition) more approachable on The Balanced Blonde Podcast, Soul on Fire.

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The girls reflect on their weird and wonderfully spiritual sides before doing something a little different… a mini numerology & name reading!! It’s really insightful and a ton of fun, and we’ll be doing more segments like this with future guests!

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What Your Zodiac Color (Yes, Color) Says About You

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By this point, you know your star sign inside and out and have a handle on your birthstone. Maybe you’ve even checked out your natal chart and looked into numerology. But have you heard of colorstrology?


Emma Mildon shares how Colorstrology can guide everything from the decor in our homes to the clothes we’re drawn to. We don’t often let color guide our day-to-day routines, but it provides valuable insights into our emotions, behavior, drives, and triggers. Think of it as a way to paint your personality using colors instead of numbers or stars.

We can weave together the knowledge of all things cosmos and color by using the zodiac as a guide to our colorstrology. Just like the cycle of the star signs cycles from Aries to Taurus to Gemini, colorstrology follows the same flow. Think ROYGBIV: Aries is red, Taurus is orange, Gemini is yellow… Read the full blog on mindbodygreen >

The Celeb-Approved Crystals Your Life Is Missing

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The market for healing crystals has reached colossal new highs, and it’s no surprise that some of our favorite girl bosses are experimenting with sparklies of their own. Celebs the likes of Adele and Kylie Jenner have all called on the mystical magic of crystals at one point or another. If you are working the holistic hustle, jumping on the abundance buzz, or generally looking to make it rain in the success department, this celeb-inspired crystal tool kit could be just what you need.

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Ready. Set. Manifest.

This Crystal Grid Is The Key To Unlocking Your Inner Badass. 

If you have some serious manifesting to do and are looking to lock in an intention, it’s definitely worth exploring the magical world of crystal grids. By combining your goal with the spiritual power of sacred geometry and crystals, you can turn the energy behind your ambitions up a notch. Check out the whole how-to here >

Become a giver…

If you are in business, and don’t give to a cause you need to seriously check yourself. Insert soul here >

Join me as a giver on Quiv – give wisdom in exchange for donations to a charity of your choice. I’m supporting Hope for Orphans, because every child deserves a roof, shelter, food, and love. Lots of you don’t know that I was adopted as a young’n into the most beautiful of familes, beyond lucky. So, that is why I give some of my luck back to those not so lucky.

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Spiritual Sealed Section I Panel Evening + Conscious Chats NYC…


Yes! Finally a group of straight shoot spiritualists willing to chat everything from goo to woo! Join me at SHAKTIBARRE on the 15th for some seriously soulful chat on all things Flo to feminine with Ruby Warrington from The Numinous, Lisette Cheresson from Wanderlust, Margaret A.Romero NP, Corinne Waiter of SHAKTIBARRE, and Sah D’Simone Transformational Coach. 50% of proceeds will go towards Off The Sidelines.

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Modern Mystics Tell You Exactly How To Add More Magic Into Your Life

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If you, like me, are ruled by all things stardust and full moons (aren’t we all?), it’s high time you check out these Insta-famous modern mystics. A spiritual searcher always on the lookout for new inspiration, I’ve found their words, rituals and imagery incredibly uplifting. I hope they inspire you to take your weekly horoscope routine and gypsyinspired playlist to the next level using all things crystal, ritual, and numerology. Get ready to infuse your everyday routine with modern magic and mysticism. See full article here…

Happy Equinox: These Spiritual Books Are The Best Way To Kick Off Spring

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Make this Equinox an enlightened one with these leading spiritual reads from mindbodygreen. Including The Soul Searcher’s Handbook, and the latest reads from Danielle LaPorte, Rebecca Campbell, and Rupi Kaur 💜🤓💜

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