‘Good’ People, including Emma Mildon

I picked up Good Magazine and my heart exploded when I say my quote in their Good Thought Journal

I am honoured to be one of their ‘Good’ people alongside Helen Clark, Hannah Jensen, Antonia Prebble, Matilda Rice, and Megan Natalie May. Good sorts!

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Evolution of Goddess, by Emma Mildon available for pre-order on Amazon!


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Evolution of Goddess, Emma Mildon Bestselling spiritual author of The Soul Searcher’s Handbook, Emma Mildon—the “goddess-messenger-girlfriend who may just lead you to your inner guru” (Katie Silcox, New York Times bestselling author)—provides a fascinating, fun, and inspiring exploration of the female face of God throughout history, myth, and religion to help women understand, embody, and celebrate their inner goddess.

I am so excited to announce Evolution of Goddess will be hitting bookstores on July 2018!

Can you feel that? Change is in the air. Transformation. Expansion. Shifts. The future, is feminine. The future is ours. Yours… http://amzn.to/2As8kmB

2018 is close. And so is the launch of my new book Evolution of Goddess!

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2018 is the year of transformational change. For you. Me. The dude in the power seat. And the world. Why? Because it’s time. Time we kissed the foreheads and forgave the past and focused on loving now to build the best tomorrow. A better tomorrow doesn’t cut it anymore. It’s now, an inclusive call to every soul out there. We are rolling out. And let it be said…. anyone can be feminine. Everyone has an inner Goddess. All it takes is fearless compassion, an educated and inclusive understanding that everyone is capable of the same magic, and a relentless passion for righting wrongs. I see you. I know you’ve got it. The eye of an evolved soul stares back at me. ✨👁 I am so excited about you all getting to cast your eyes on my book to guide us all through this change. This (R)Evolution. The wind is calling. Can you hear that change in the air? Listen. Listen. http://amzn.to/2As8kmB #evolutionofgoddess

My kind tweet makes headline news in Ireland. Now I love Irish media. Because, they love too…


Aha moment…

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The Gathering, October, with Michelle Buchanan Hay House Author + Numerologist…

What does 2018 have in store for you?
Michelle Buchanan Numerologist punches your numbers.
Watch this month’s The Gathering – October. Literally +(add) insight into your life!

Join this Meditation Challenge, go on, get your zen on…

The amount of people who say I don’t have time to meditate. I mean. *eye roll*

So, I challenge you. Take on this free Wanderlust 21-Day meditation challenge with Light Watkins that starts on October 9th. Sign up and join in the bliss transformation: https://tv.wanderlust.com?a=1170


Honored to be asked by Vogels New Zealand to share what I bring…

What do I bring? Truth!

Yes. I'm spiritual. Opinionated. Loving. Weird. Creative. And activated. And yes, I'm holding up a plate while enjoying unicorn toast for breakfast 😂🤣 also a tad weird. But I'm also the girl next door from New Zealand, which proves that if I can be published with @simonandschuster one of the biggest publishers in the world, have my work translated into six languages and stand up for something that helps share insight in how to live well, approach life from a different angle, and affectively come out of the spiritual closet at a time to lead the next generation into the new age without all the labels and segregations then you can to. You just need to show up. To bring your game. To bring it. I was honored to be asked by @vogelsnz to share what I bring to the world. So now I ask you. Honestly. What do you bring? Go on, bring it! ✨🙌 #whatdoyoubring #ad

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Sign up for the second New Moon Gathering. Free tickets available now!


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These High-Vibe Essentials Can Make Any Flight Downright Magical

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As a gal who’s obsessed with all things spirituality and adventure, I’ve given pretty much every conscious travel essential you could imagine a trial run. From “Will the security gates beep if I have a crystal in my underwear?” to “What sort of essential oil routine is kind to my plane neighbor?” I’ve asked the hard questions in search of a top-notch conscious travel routine.

Here are some of my top tips for travel-friendly lotions, potions, and remedies to ensure you keep your energy and emotions in check on your next journey…
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Emma Mildon + The Balanced Blonde


Jordan and Emma Mildon, Spiritual Author & Modern Mystic, make new age spirituality (crystals, spirit animals, meditation, auras, and intuition) more approachable on The Balanced Blonde Podcast, Soul on Fire.

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The girls reflect on their weird and wonderfully spiritual sides before doing something a little different… a mini numerology & name reading!! It’s really insightful and a ton of fun, and we’ll be doing more segments like this with future guests!

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