Make Your Own Flower Crown


DIY Flower Crown

It’s no secret how much I love flower crowns! Such a bohemian chic way to style your hair for festivals or events. Here is a DIY recipe for making your own flower crown, so you can tailor to your heart desire! Enjoy my little daisy chain wearing lovelies! 


flowers needed:
• “Juliet” Garden Roses (5)
• Berzillia Berries (a few stems)
• Jasmine (1 stem)
• Ranunculus (10)
• Rice Flower (2 stems)

hard goods:
• 4′ 3/8″ Frech Double Satin Ribbon
• Green Florist tape
• 16 gauge straight wire
• Ribbon Shears
• Bonsai Shears


1. Take the flowers and cut all the stems to 2-3″ in length.

2. Wire and tape large blooms (the roses and ranunculus) individually so that they’ll be sturdy in the halo. Arrange all blooms on table before beginning. I like to have everything ready before I start the assembly so I don’t have to stop midway to cut more product.

3. Cut a piece of ribbon about 4′ long. It needs to be long enough to wrap around the head, tie into a bow and still have some streamers to hang down. I like to measure the circumference of the head with the ribbon first and mark the beginning and end of where the flowers should be and then add at least a foot extra on either side.. For the ribbon itself, I like 3/8″ french satin ribbon but anything that’s sturdy and not too thick will work well. I also like the using the ribbon because it makes the floral crown adjustable.


4. Take a piece of 16″ gauge wire and use floral tape to attach it to the ribbon about a foot from the end. The wire adds some sturdiness to the floral crown and is especially important when using heavier flowers like the garden roses.

5. Now you can add the flowers! Tape in your first product with the ribbon and wire. Begin with something that extends a bit over the end so it’s sure to hide any visible tape. I used the jasmine leaves and buds.

6. Add and alternate product to your liking by taping in each piece individually. The flowers should be fairly tight together and also taped on very sturdily. As you add product clip off any extra wire or stems with the bonsai shears. The less product and wire on the halo the lighter weight and more comfortable it will be to wear. After I clip any wires I always tape over the ends as well to make sure there’s nothing poking out.

7. About three inches before the end of where you want the flowers to end it’s time to flip the product the opposite direction and tape it that way so both ends look finished.


And you are done! Storage Tip: Spritz the halo with water or floral finishing spray to help maintain moisture, store in an airtight bag or tupperware container and place in the fridge. The halo can be made the day before the wedding as long as it’s in the fridge for as long as possible.

To wear the halo simply place around the head and tie the ribbons. For extra hold you may want to secure with a few bobby pins.


And a few other fun variations from the same flowers…



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  1. Looks great!!!


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